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MDC are very happy to announce our new corporate video. The video explains our global operations and services.

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  • Polycarbonate Viewport Safety Covers
  • With or Without LED Lighting
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European supplier for MeiVac components

  • MAK Sputter Sources 1.3" up to 6" target size
  • E-Beam Evaporation Sources and Accessories
  • Substrate Heater up to 950°C
  • Vari-Q Throttle Valves
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MDCVacuum Measurement

European supplier for TeleVac components

  • Modular Multi Channel Controller
  • Active Gauges
  • Wide range of Sensors

NEW CF Flange Prices


Reduced PEEK Connector Prices

Larger Product Range in Vacuum Measurement

NGC2D Ion Gauge Controller

The NGC2D is a high-accuracy Ion Gauge controller that offers integrated pressure measurement and process control; with a large, clear display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications